Donate to Support the Ministries of St. Stephen

You can make a secure donation to support St. Stephen's ministries in several ways:

  • Click on the Donate button below to go to an online donation page at Engage (this provides the most options).
  • Text  to 717-685-6947. Text "help" for options. You will be prompted to setup an account the first time.
  • Use your smartphone, computer, or tablet and go to the URL or use the QR code below.

Note: This is the new donation page for St. Stephen starting now. The previous Donate page still exists and can be used until about the end of November 2020 at which time this page will replace it. It is highly recommended that any new donations be done here. For first time users, it will try to match you to existing giving records by use of your email address. If a match was not found you can still proceed. You will be asked to make up a user name and a password. If a match was found and you created a username/password, then you will also have access to all previous giving records. If there was no match, you can still create an account and make a donation. 

If it did not find a match with your email and you believe that it should, please contact the office (, 717-766-2168) to determine the email on file and make a change if necessary.