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Educational Ministry Committee

August Meeting Minutes for the Council

At our August 22, 2017 meeting, the Educational Ministry Committee finalized our Rally Day program (Sept 10) and discussed many of our upcoming fall events (Sunday Church School, book fair, Reformation Day, Confirmation, First Communion and a fall Bible Study).

We discussed the fact that we had so many requests for camping scholarships this year – and many of them for full scholarships – that we are $1,332 in the red even after we receive all the families’ portions of the costs. We are hoping the Council will approve usage of either the Longsdorff account or the Tara Shank account for this shortfall since they can be used to support youth activities. Next year we will also encourage members to apply for the Lutheran Camping Corporation’s scholarships if they need more funding than our church can provide.

We continued to talk about ways to take our ministries out of the church and in to the community. Some ideas we talked about include re-starting Pubs Ministry in the Carlisle area, encouraging community use of our building, letter-writing sessions (on topics such as immigration and/or hunger) and thinking of ways we might work with the U.S. Army War College. We will continue these discussions at our September meeting.

We hope to see all of our Council members participate in our various programs this year!

Respectfully submitted August 27, 2017 by Laura Wills, chair


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